Ash Who?

I’m a designer with a diverse design background. I’ve worked for large corporations, startups, and built a design and development company: Superabundant Creative. Throughout my professional career, I’ve been a part of successful rebrands for both online and retail operations, website designs that premier new brands for clients, and user interface design projects that streamline the user experience. I’ve managed clients and delivered design solutions that grow the client’s business and drive client engagement.

I’m always up for a challenge and enjoy learning new skills.

That’s why I work on building a diversified set of skills I’m okay with sharing that I don’t just focus on one aspect of design.

Design Focuses

Product Design – I’m currently working on several product design projects for mobile and desktop applications. Along the way, I’m sucking up all of the knowledge I can possibly learn.

Branding – I offer visual identity services to my clients. In my spare time, I’m creating an online branding course for entrepreneurs. I’m continually educating myself on the branding process and enjoy branding exercises.

Industrial Design – After studying Industrial Design in college, I’ve kept fresh with my equipment design skills by practicing design techniques and creating my own products. I’m also interested in collaborations. One of the most recent collaborative products is coming to market soon!

Creative Expression

I’m inspired by limitless possibilities and the feeling of being in motion.

@super.abundant is my Instagram account that serves as an outlet for creative and physical energy.  It combines my active sports lifestyle along with my “creative explosion” of design and art projects. Most of the focus is on concept ideation, sketching, and prototyping; three of my favorite aspects of design.

You’ll also see a lot of eBoards and inline skating too since that is what I enjoy in my free time.